Explain The Duties And Responsibilities Of Housekeeping

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1 The management of Housekeeping is at the core of hotel operations and can make the difference between a reputed hotel with regular customers and the one that guests are unlikely to visit again. I have therefore chosen to describe the duties, competencies and performance standards of a Housekeeping Manager in the hotel.
1. Manage the daily activities of the house keeping department to ascertain the appropriate cleaning of the public areas of hotel.
2. Daily supervision of the house keepers to do their duties efficiently.
3. Ensuring that the hotel rooms have proper cleanliness as well as orderliness which will enhance the satisfaction of customers.
4. Ensuring that the hotel rooms are properly stocked with the necessary supplies which
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Recruiting and training of housekeeping staff members in such a way so as to direct them towards achieving guest satisfaction.
9. Imparting the knowledge of the safety standards maintained by the hotel to the housekeepers and making sure that they adhere to it.
10. Ensuring the proper maintenance of various equipments like A/C, water heaters, bathroom equipments, etc.
11. Handling the complaints and grievances related to the housekeeping department, investigating them and taking the required corrective actions.

1. Having the skills required for managing a housekeeping team efficiently. A previous experience in team management can be more valuable.
2. Ability to foster team spirit among the housekeepers so as to ensure better performance and greater guest satisfaction.
3. Ability to anticipate the customer needs and take actions accordingly.
4. Ability of multi tasking and ensuring guest support even when busy with a lot of activities.
5. Perfect knowledge of Housekeeping management and procedures.
6. Ability to train the housekeeping staff and imbibing the knowledge of various cleaning and health standards in them
7. Knowledge required for formation and maintaining of a
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Satisfactory (2): Performance meets expectations.
Unacceptable (3): Performance falls substantially short of expectations.

Performance Factor Description Rating
1 2 3
Position Expertise Effectiveness with which the employee applies managerial skills and knowledge Approach To Work Manner in which the employee completes the jobs assigned including accuracy, responsiveness, follow-through, judgment, decision making, reliability, and compliance assurance.
Quantity Of Work Employee’s success in producing the required amount of work including priority setting, productivity, and timeliness.
Communication Skills Effectiveness of the employee in transmitting information including confidentiality, facilitation/participation in sharing information, and oral and written expression.
Interpersonal Skills Effectiveness of the employee's interactions in responding to and working with others, including interactions with other managers, supervisor(s), guests, and housekeeping staff.
Supervisory/Leadership Skills A. Supervision
Provides oversight, direction, recognition and development opportunities, and addresses performance

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