Explain The Ethical Concerns Of Nike

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P4: examine the ethical concerns of the communities in which Nike operates:

Nike is an American multinational corporation, which is primarily focused in the production of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and offering services. Over the past several years, Nike has raised many ethical concerns in the communities in which they operate. They have local, regional, national and global affects.

Globalisation is a process in which a business expands into other regions and operates on an international level. Nike is one of the biggest multinational corporations. In the past few years, Nike has been one of the dominant companies in marketing sporting goods such as footwear and clothing. Nike does not produce any of its
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Giving bribes or facilitating such payments contribute to corruption. International businesses do gain and have gained economic advantage by indulging in such practices. This is one of the ethical issues Nike should be concerned when operating in certain countries.

Moral obligations
Multinational corporations have financial power and resources to operate or move production from one country to another. Their objective should not only be to increase their profitability but they also have moral obligation to operate ethically. The ethical obligation of multinational corporations should be towards improving employing conditions, human rights, anticorruption laws, environmental pollution and energy saving.

Management focus Nike’s management focus has been to enhance its reputation as an ethically sound corporation. It has taken certain measures to improve the work standards in the countries they operate globally. It has outlined a code of ethics that applies to Nike and its subsidiaries worldwide. This not only takes care of the well being of its employees but also environment, safety and health. It also has internal and external audit systems in place, which does accurate recording and reporting of any malpractices, or issues that go beyond their business work ethics
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