Explain The Extent Between The Federalists And The 1790s

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order to stop sole control of power, the Constitution deliberately dispersed said power between the member states and the national government. This had the effect of a fragmented government structure where co-ordination was in short supply and control lay in a plethora of discordant hands. The realisation that this could only be overcome via the coming together of similar minded folk who could, in turn, appropriate the presidency and control congress dawned, and the 1790’s heralded two American national parties, The Federalists and the Republicans. However, this does not mean that there was a complete absence of political activity prior to the 1790’s. The exact opposite is in fact true. There was already large social, racial and economic disjuncture…show more content…
Questions of national interest consumed both parties focus and naturally, drew their attention beyond state lines. Support had to be drawn from all over the country, the Federalists, from the banking, commercial and financial interests and the Republicans, from small farmers, debtors, southern planters and frontier settlers .They could not afford to be exclusive parties. The dangers of a narrowly based coalition were acute and as such, both parties needed to increase their support. Otherwise, neither party would have the slightest chance of gaining a majority vote and in turn winning the presidency. This, according to many scholars, can be held accountable for the extremely broad scope of the two modern American parties that are almost indiscernible from one another. Parties must be adept to the changing patterns of American life. Indeed, the failures of the Federalist and Whig parties in pervious years can be attributed to their stubborn resistance to widening their coalition. Both of the modern parties have taken valuable lessons from these failures, although lapses in attention have seen them suffer electorally in the

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