Explain The Five Contexts Of Communication

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Unit 1 Written Assignment The Five Contexts of Communication Introduction To understand the five important contexts of communication it is important to introduce the concept. The five contexts of could certainly be described as the fundamentals of communication. Such protocols are often associated with business in the world place, they can often be applied to personal communication. It is likely that we are already exhibiting certain behaviors, in our daily lives. However, it is important to be aware of the processes behind communication to be able to “fine tune” communication skill to both perfect practices, to become successful and use such knowledge to train and mentor others. The five contexts of communication To further understand…show more content…
Working with others in the latter will also involve seeing how others approach problems which can certainly be an inspiration to those who want to improve their analytical skills (Uvisor, n.d.). Conclusion: My own personal experience It is both through research and personal experience which I learned of the importance of the five contexts of communication. Although many of these skills are practiced by many people on a daily basis even without being aware of them specifically. I have found this to be the case, working, and making such observations of behavior in the workplace. What is significant is many companies do use in-house training to emphasize the importance of such aspects of communication skills. These skills, once someone has become aware of them, as discussed previously, can allow communication to be enhanced. This is a positive move as communication skills are essential for the running of any successful organization. Such skills are not just beneficial for leaders, but anyone in the hierarchy can benefit from effective communication skills. Even other external stakeholders are included, and customers can also benefit from better
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