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Prepare a report to explain the following principles of software design. Task 1 (P5) Define and describe: • software development life cycle – activity and purpose of each stage • software structures such as functions, procedures, classes and objects • software design concepts such as modularity, readability, reliability, portability and maintainability. Task 2 (M1) Discuss the importance of the quality of code in terms of modularity, reliability, usability, portability and maintainability. Task 3 (D1) Discuss the factors that can improve the readability of code. Contents 1) INTRODUCTION 3 2) Life cycle 3 2.1) what is a software development life cycle? 3 2.2) what are the benefits of the Software development life cycle…show more content…
These requirements are translated into design. A code is produced as according to the design that is created which is according to the requirement. This is called the development phase of the lifecycle. After coding and development the testing verifies the deliverable of the implementation phase against requirements [3]. 2.2) what are the benefits of the Software development life cycle process? The main aim of the lifecycle process is to produce a product which would be cost efficient, effective and also up to the high standard. Once the application is created, the lifecycle determines the proper arrangement and decommissioning of the software once it becomes legacy [5]. The life cycle contains following stages:  Requirement gathering and analysis  Design  Implementation or coding  Testing  Deployment  Maintenance 2.3) Requirement gathering and analysis This phase is critical to the success of the project. In this phase the purpose of the software or system should be determined. This is the phase where you can set the requirements that the software needs to fulfil when it is completed. Hence this stage is the main focus of project managers and stakeholders. This phase involves more communication to get the detailed description from the managers and the stakeholders as to who is going to use the system? How will they use the system? What data

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