Explain The Four Stages Of Hypoxia

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The stages of hypoxia Hypoxia is simply a lack of oxygen at the tissue level of the body due to a decreased partial pressure of oxygen in the inspired air. Hypoxia is serious, because it may lead to death.(2) There are four stages of hypoxia.(1) The amount of time spent in any one of these four stages may vary, and each patient and provider is likely to respond differently to the same conditions.(1) The four stage of hypoxia are Asymptomatic, Compensatory, Deterioration, and Criticial. The first stage is Indifferent or asymptomatic. This stage happens at altitude between 0 to 5000 ft.(3) In this stage the person may not know if there is a problem or not.(2) The effects of this stage are losing of night vision and losing of the…show more content…
The altitude that this stage could happen in is between 5000 to 11400 ft.(3) "The body generally has the ability to stave off further effects of hypoxia by increasing the rate and depth of ventilation and cardiac output ".(1) The respiration rate, blood pressure, and the heart rate can rise up in this stage.(2) the arterial oxygen saturations in this stage is between 80 and 90 percent.(1) The third stage is deterioration or disturbance. This stage altitude is between 11400 to 20000ft.(3) In this stage obvious symptoms is begin, but not everyone can recognize the symptoms of this stage. (1) (2) And there is some of these symptoms shortness of breath/air hunger, incoordination, cyanosis, difficulty with simple tasks, drowsiness, diminished vision, headache, tingling, euphoria, numbness, aggression, hot/cold flashes, and poor judgement.(1) The arterial oxygen saturations in this phase is between 70 to 80 percent.(10) The last stage is criticial and the altitude of this stage is above 18000 ft.(3) This stage is terminal stage that leading to death.(1) In this stage the people will lose consciousness, stop breathing, and finally die.(1) Arterial oxygen saturations in this stage is less than 70
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