Explain The Four Stages Of The Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship

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Four Phases of the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship:
1.The pre interaction phase The pre interaction phase begins before the nurses first contact with the patient. This involves preparation for first encounter with the client. This phase begins when the nurse is assigned a patient to develop therapeutic relationship with him or her until she goes to him or her for interaction.
2.The introductory/ orientation phase
Begins when the nurse goes to the patient, introduces herself or himself and gets introduction about him/her. The nurse and patient become acquainted.
The orientation phase ends when the nurse and the patient begin to accept each other as a unique human being
3.The working phase,
Working Phase starts when the nurse and
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Confidentiality and safeguarding should always be observed. I tried to calm her fears of the situation and that it was ok and that myself and the nursing staff would look after her. I found out by talking to Molly about her likes and dislikes that she had a passion for colouring and art, so whenever the doctors came to talk to molly, I accompanied them and tried to keep her mind occupied with talking about art and what she was colouring in at the…show more content…
The two major forms of verbal communication include written and oral communication. Written communication includes traditional pen and paper letters and documents, typed electronic documents, e-mails, text chats, SMS and anything else conveyed through written symbols such as language. Communication forms that predominantly used within a nursing profession are written communication include handover, brochures on conditions, medical notes. The effectiveness of written communication depends on the writing style, grammar, vocabulary, and clarity.
With Molly I was able to use an appropriate level of communication with her by assuming a relaxed posture and respecting her personal space and when it was ok to indulge her conversations. I found with Molly she was a girl who lacked the awareness of how to talk to an adult and I identified that by communicating with her through colouring she was able to relax more and I didn’t feel that the barrier of communication was so present. I explained what I was doing every time and including her where ever I
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