Explain The Four Theoretical School

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This assignment will discuss the four “theoretical schools” [1] starting from the scientific management theory for Taylor, passing through the administrative theory for Fayol, and Bureaucracy and organizational structure theory for Weber, and ending with administrative behaviors for Simon. And for each theory, the assignment will handle the

At the begin of this review of the management theory, it shall be clear to the ready that organization behavior study is not about mathematics but it is about how to manage the “way people interact within groups” [2]

Before discussing the theories, it shall be obvious to the reader that the human behaviors since the dawn of the history were divided into two main streams, the first stream was tending to follow the
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Theory Number 02: The administrative theory for Fayol:-

Unlike Tylor theories, Fayol turned the management theory into administrative mode, which could be understood as human model, and in my opinion this theory is much more advanced than Taylor theory, because the management science is oriented by studying the human behavior whom are very dynamic in terms of reactions to the management loop, which could be easily understood by comparing a company in which an employee is being considered as computer whom shall function specific task, and the same employee in another company functions as a part of an organization which allow a tolerance for his/her personality

Theory Number 03: Bureaucracy and organizational structure theory for
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