Explain The Four Tips For Protecting The Kidneys In The Senior Years

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4 Tips for Protecting the Kidneys in the Senior Years

Most people are aware kidneys play a valuable role in the human body by filtering blood and removing wastes through the production of urine. Yet, the kidneys also perform other important functions such as releasing hormones that regulate blood pressure and keep bones healthy. For this reason, kidney health is especially critical during the senior years when wear and tear increases a person’s risk for problems. Seniors should use these four tips to keep their kidneys functioning at peak efficiency.

1. Get Kidney Functioning Tested

Family history along with certain chronic diseases may increase a senior’s risk for developing kidney disease. Fortunately, there are two simple tests that can be done during a senior’s regular annual physical that can check for early kidney problems. A common urine test can be used to check for high levels of protein that could indicate damage to the kidney filters, or a blood test can be
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This is because the kidney contains many blood vessels, and any disease that damages these also affects the kidney. It is also known that even mild cases of high blood pressure or having slightly elevated blood sugar levels can still increase a person’s risk for kidney problems. Managing these conditions helps minimize the risk of damage to these critical organs.

3. Quit Smoking and Drinking

The primary function of the kidneys is to remove wastes from the blood, and seniors who fill their bodies with toxins increase the workload on their organs. Smoking and drinking alcohol both affect the blood vessels as well, which can lead to reduced blood flow in the kidneys. Although seniors tend to find ending these addictions challenging when they have indulged in them for years, stopping now greatly boosts kidney functioning and protects a senior from accumulating even more damage.

4. Eat a Healthy
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