Explain The Importance Of Health And Inclusion

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Under the disability discriminating Act 2005 we have a duty of care to provide safe access and facilities to people with wheel chairs. This has included a large toilet facility with a wide door and drop down latch and an exit button by the front door at a lower height. Unfortunately tin Action for Children this was also at a height that young children could press. Although we maintained that all children should be supervised by their parents on our site it was felt that it was our duty of care to take away the risk of children running out into the street which is on a main road. After consultation with the parents through our family forum, our manager and the site manager made the decision to move the button up higher so that children…show more content…
This should be reflected in our workforce including our volunteers. Unit 3.3 - Understand how to develop systems and processes that promote diversity, equality and inclusion 3.1 - Analyse how systems and processes can promote equality and inclusion or reinforce discrimination and exclusion. Last year befriending covered one area that we worked in. Predominantly white older people were our clients - I think the previous coordinator has the perception that those older people did not want befrienders unless they were 40 year old plus and white. This may have been the case in previous years. I do not know. However last year our befriending service expanded in to another area that we cover. Unfortunately the current amount of volunteers recruited can not meet the need for demand. They do not represent the makeup of the communities we now serve and they are not aware of the issues facing these communities as they are not from them. There needs to be more of a shift to developing positive action to recruit to roles such as befriending to ensure we are developing and sustaining a volunteer group that can respond to local community, the need and that they have local knowledge. This way our organisation is aware of issues facing minority groups that we are working with. We have “inside” knowledge of what makes these communities tick and we can promote our volunteering opportunities to people that would enhance our service. Action for Children opposes all forms of
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