Explain The Meaning Of A "T-Shaped Person."

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Business Information Systems Q1. Explain the meaning of a "T-shaped person." What more general topic does it relate to in Chapter 1? How does this term apply to an information systems (IS) professional? How can you become a T-shaped person before graduation? The term "T-shaped person" refers to a professional who has very deep expertise in a given area, complemented by the ability to collaborate across disciplines unlike their own. In the area of information technologies for example, the vertical bar of the T could represent programming prowess in a given language, including C## or in the case of Web development Python and other advanced programming platforms. Studies of the role of T-shaped professionals in general and managers specifically show that employees who excel with these attributes often are the most effective at contributing to new product development initiatives given their ability to quickly synthesize tacit and explicit knowledge (Madhavan, Grover, 1998). A T-Shaped professional in the IT arena then would be focused more on how to excel and gain mastery in their specific area of engineering discipline so they could deliver even greater value to their organizations. The highest-performing members of new product development teams share the attribute of having a very broad set of engineering and social skills that are also complimented by deep expertise in a given area (Pinho, Rego, Cunha, 2012). It's an excellent goal to become a T-shaped person prior to
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