Explain The Past, Present And Future State Of The Electricity Market

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This week’s reading list revolved around the topic of regulatory function of. Each reading discussed different regulations in the electricity sector, exploring how regulation/deregulation has affected the market in the jurisdiction discussed. These readings provide background about policies that have been established, problems encountered when developing policies, how to approach these problems, and possible solutions that might be used in the future. These topics were examined in the political and economic sense, and again provide background that can be used to explain the past, present, and future state of the electricity market, and help to make predictions and suggest policies for the future. The first article I read this week was…show more content…
Investments in certain areas of the electricity market and not in others has created inefficiencies and made the wholesale power markets unsuccessful as demand for electricity has increased over time. In addition, financial problems and increasing costs of investing have halted many other projects aimed at increasing efficiency and lowering costs through decreasing regulation and increasing trading activities between companies. From the mid 1990s until now, the route to creating efficient and competitive retail and wholesale electricity markets has not been successful, and will continue to be until the many challenges imposed by institutions, policies, technology, and the consumers have been addressed. In regards to my thesis, this has particular importance, because the evolution of the electricity market in the recent past has been influenced extremely by regulations and policies, especially the ones discussed in this paper. Past, present, and future regulation or deregulation, or some combination of the two, will have a massive impact on how the market is run, changed and ultimately how it grows and fluctuates in the future. The next reading "Annotated Reading List for a Body of Knowledge on the Regulation of Utility Infrastructure and Services." is an annotated bibliography that uses numerous sources, from numerous backgrounds and countries and viewpoints, to establish a well-rounded “standard body of

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