Explain The Principles For Implementing Duty Of Care In Health And Social Care

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Principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings
1.1- To have the duty of care in a care setting means to provide safety for all service users, to give them choice no matter what their capacity is. It is my responsibility to provide all the best services possible, making sure that their health and wellbeing is being looked after by all staff. You must follow all works policies and procedures to provide the quality of care they need and wish. You must make sure that you are adhering to all their needs in their best interests. Although they may have the right to do things such as go out alone or know passcodes on doors doesn’t mean its at their best interests, so you are there to provide the duty of care for that service user and have evidence at why you think it is not for their best interest, and to support them in any choice they make. TC 34.1.1
1.2- Safeguarding is a service which is there to report and discuss any issues concerning the welfare of all service users. If there has been an incident you must report this to safeguarding and then they will follow up in the correct manner. You work along side safeguarding to ensure the safety of all service users and if there has been an incident then you must provide evidence that you have provided them with the quality of care and not neglecting them. You are there to protect all individuals and safeguarding can be there to support what you have done as long as you are
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