Explain The Problems In Establishing Self-Directed, High-Performing Teams

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In order for companies to success the establishment of self-directed, high-performing teams is vital to the organization, especially in large companies. There are some managers who are successful at establishing these self-directed, high-performing teams, while other manager have difficulties establishing self-directed, high-performing teams. Therefore, the managers who are struggling need to find solutions on how to establish these self-directed, high-performing teams. Our company has some managers who need help with establishing self-directed, high-performing teams. This detailed report will identify the problem areas the managers are having in reference to establishing self-directed, high-performing teams and it will give…show more content…
Team members were not loyal to each. Some teams didn’t have adequate directions from their managers. Team members were seeking help from others who were not on the team because they didn’t have faith or confidence in their managers. Every time there was a mistake the team spent time blaming each other instead of finding solutions to fix the issues they had. Team members seem to be at competition with each other. Everything seem to be a competition, especially for resources and training. Some needed to define their processes. The processes lack effectiveness. There were team members who didn’t understand what their priorities were. There seemed to be no “sense of urgency in accomplishing important tasks. The morale of some of the teams was very low. Team members who had managers who did not lead. There managers worried more about administrative duties instead of being affective leaders for the team. Managers and team members were afraid to take risks. Teams lacked creativity and innovation. They were not motivated and operated with the normal status quo. Some of the characteristics in establishing self-directed, high-performing teams are Joint Responsibility, Interdependence, Empowerment, and Common Goal (Chron 2017). All of the team members on successful self-directed, high-performing teams are assigned responsibilities. This makes the team members feel like they are important to the success of the project. As the project
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