Explain The Properties Of Water Cohesion

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Water has five main properties. It’s first is its attraction to other polar molecules. Because of its cohesion to other water molecules, it is a major property. Cohesive forces are responsible for surface tension. This causes water to form spherical droplets; this also allows it to support small objects if they have been placed carefully on the surface. Due to the hydrogen bonds in the water, this allows the water molecules to hold together. As they are exposed to air on one side, there will be neighbouring water molecules to bond with, this forms stronger bonds with the existing neighbours. As a result of the cohesion, the surface tension allows insects such as Water Striders to walk on the surface of water. As opposed to is adhesion. Adhesion is the water’s attraction between molecules of a…show more content…
The high specific heat (hsh) is the amount of energy that is absorbed. As a result, water molecules form many hydrogen bonds. A great amount of heat is needed to increase the temperature of liquid water as the heat is also needed to break hydrogen bonds between molecules. The (hshc) is defined as the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of one gram of a substance to one degree Celsius, this is called a calorie. By breaking the bonds, water molecules can move freely, which creates more friction and additional heat that allows a higher temperature. The hydrogen bonds absorb the heat as they break, and also release heat as they form, this minimizes temperature change. Water also helps maintain a moderate temperature for organisms and environments e.g warm-blooded animals distribute heat through their bodies. Due to its high specific heat capacity, water minimizes changes in temperature. Waters (hshc) is five times greater than sand, as the land cools more quickly than the sea as the sun sets, the slow cooling water then releases heat to nearby land amid the
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