Explain The Roles And Differences Between Consumer And Industrial Focused Packaging?

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1. Differentiate between mechanized, semi-automated, automated, and information-directed handling systems. The mechanized type handling system, is a combination through labor and equipment handling that utilizes the help from facilities processing, receiving, and shipping. Although a high percentage of overall cost is associated with this type of labor system. Also, with having to use a high amount of human labor workers, there is more use of forklifts and carousels. Where when using an automated system, there would be a cut in labor costs due to the use of automated equipment that can accomplish the job that man power is being used to accomplish. A lot of these costs can be pretty expensive up front, but in the long run they end up paying themselves off. When a mix of both are used though, it’s called semi-automated. Which can in turn help increase efficiency. But at the same time, using completely automated systems can help reduce in any forms of error in sorting processes. Within semi-automated systems, there is the final form of information-directed handling. This system uses information technology to help direct mechanized or any automated equipment. 2. Explain the roles and differences between consumer and industrial focused packaging. The roles and differences between consumer and industrial focused packaging are pretty up to point. The consumer packaging is primarily focused on product and marketing rather than focusing on getting the product to its destination
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