Explain The Skills Required By Executive Assistants

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01 - Understand the skills required by executive assistants http://sites.tums.ac.ir/superusers/111/Gallery/20120206084808AssistantSecretarialHandbook.pdf 1.1 Explain how executive assistants support effective management in organisations Executive assistants are employees of a company who supports the executive, CEO or manager and has ability to make decisions that affect the company. In addition, the executive assistant will perform responsibilities involving research, communications, correspondence, and office management. In some organisations, the executive assistant will attend meetings or conferences in place of the executive. In addition, executive assistants are normally assigned to higher-profile officers, such as presidents, vice…show more content…
A management style is an overall method of leadership used by a manager. There are two main management styles: Autocratic (leader makes all decisions unilaterally) and Permissive (leader permits subordinates to take part in decision making and also gives them a considerable degree of autonomy in completing routine work activities). Combining both categories with democratic and directive styles give four distinct ways to manage: • Directive Democrat: Makes decisions participative; closely supervises subordinates. • Directive Autocrat: Makes decisions unilaterally; closely supervises subordinates. • Permissive Democrat: Makes decisions participative; gives subordinates latitude in carrying out their work. • Permissive Autocrat: Makes decisions unilaterally; gives subordinates latitude in carrying out their work. Managers must also adjust their styles according to the situation that they are presented with. Additionally, there are four quadrants of situational leadership that depend on the amount of support and guidance needed: telling, delegating, participating and selling. Different styles depend on the situation and the relationship behaviour and task behaviour. What’s more, skills in leadership, critical thinking and organization are three general attributes that employers look for by an executive assistant 02 - How executive assistants support organisational
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