Explain The Socio Cultural Theory

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The socio cultural theory

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An Assignment on Social psychology

December- 2017

The socio cultural theory

Introduction The Socio cultural theory was introduced by Vygotsky. He was born in1896 in the small Russian Orsha. The socio cultural theory is which looks at the important contributions that society makes individual development. The socio cultural theory is focus on not only how the adults, peers individual learning but how culture beliefs, custom, mode, and language share by the people living in a particular place. The socio cultural theory gives important for culture in the society. The people are interaction between each other as well as introduce a new tool among them. The language is main role in society to interaction
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The children construct their knowledge – knowledge is not transferred but is personally constructed the learning meditated. The knowledge is not transferring from one mind to another mind, but it is personally constructed in child mind. Teachers were taught something in the class; child would analyze and remembers about it, critically, creatively, and systematically. The child would likes to improve the skill help of the teacher, parents, adults, and peers. The society is help to improve the child knowledge, when child is walking through the street it interactions with the others, and get information’s. The cognitive development is not direct result of activity but it is indirect. Cognitive development in child it is very important. Cognitive development child learns from society as well as interaction between each other, introduce the new tools among them and in group, with the support of group child will increase his knowledge. The cognitive development is important role in child life from knowledge child gets information about either bad or
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