Explain The Steps For Good Employee Development Plan

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• To incorporate development: Many employees may express interest in growing their current positions or in furthering their careers within the organisation. Line managers shall work with them to identify strengths and weaknesses and, if appropriate, to help them prepare an individual development plan. Individual development plans may specify how employees can more fully apply their strengths in their current jobs or develop the skills and experience they will need for possible future assignments. The employee’s development plan should align with the organisation objectives in order to: - Create a pool of readily available and sufficient replacements for employees who may leave or get promoted within the organisation . - Increase the…show more content…
Having clear goals helps employees self-correct and make their own decisions on a day-to-day basis, which means less work for managers. When the job responsibilities and expectations are clear, this will result in increased individual and group productivity. Components of Performance Management System: 1) Clear standards: To achieve this, a joined effort will be done by both managers and employees, during which they will: • Update the employee’s job description: the job description should be reviewed to determine if it reflects the work that the employee is currently doing. If the employee has taken a new responsibilities or the job has changed significantly. • Identifying the link between the employee’s job description and plan, the organisation’s goals, objectives and strategic plans. • Developing a work plan that outlines the tasks to be completed and the expected results and how to measure it in order to evaluate performance. • Identifying the training objectives that will help the employee to grow his skills and knowledge related to his job. • Identifying the career development objectives that can be part of long-term career planning. 2) Managing people: The employee progress and performance must be continuously monitored in order to have an effective performance management system. During this phase the Line manager and the employee should meet regularly to: • Evaluate progress towards meeting performance objectives. •
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