Explain The Strengths And Limitations Of Group Design

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Strength and a Limitation of Design A non-equivalent comparison group design will be used. The design is considered a quasi-experimental design, which attempts to control for threats to internal validity (Rubin & Babbie, 2014). This design has strengths and limitations. A strength of the design is that the data can be easily collected before and after participants have completed treatment, as the design allows for a pre-test and a post-test. Results can be easily collected to explain whether treatment is effective among court-mandated offenders who have completed the programs without relapse and, consequentially, if court-mandated treatment is more effective than voluntary participation in treatment. The nonequivalent comparison group design…show more content…
First, I feel very confortable with the sampling technique, as I believe that some variables such as gender and ethnicity needed to be considered in order to get a better picture of the study. For instance, employment and family support are big factors that could have influenced the outcome of the study. The sampling needed to be specific, which having strata was a good option. In regards to design, I believe, that the research design I selected was a good option for this study. It would be highly unethical to assigned non-offenders to the group who is court-mandated just for the purpose of this study. However, a time series design could have been appropriate for this study too. Time series design could have work for this study because if the groups were observed in different stages of the study, some valuable information could have been obtained. For instance, if some subjects had employment in the middle of the study but then lost it, they could have influence the outcome due to the lack of income or even just by not being motivated to attend as they lost their job. Therefore, measuring participants’ attitude towards treatment with a different known scale could have been beneficial as
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