Explain The Supply Network Of Ford Motor Company

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This essay is to discuss the supply network of a product of a specific brand. The supply network means setting an operation in the context of all the other operations with which it interacts. Ford Motor Company is the best example to illustrate the supply network better. So, before illustrate the supply network, let’s talking about ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company founded by Henry Ford in June 16, 1903. It is an American multinational automaker. Its headquarters are in Dear-born, Michigan, United states. But Ford Motor Company isn’t the first one to build or make a car. The industry of making a car had a long journey. The automobile industry started in the 1890s. The United States was the leader in total automobile production. After World War II, China was the top in producing automobile. China almost doubled the US production, and Japan was in third place. In the whole world, there were about 806 million cars on the road in 2007. The essay will illustrate everything about the company.…show more content…
Ford makes lots of car. But, the product that the essay will make the light on a car called “Fiesta”. Fiesta has lots of features. It has a navigation system, and audio system. It also has My-Key, which is a system that can help others drive the person car more responsibly. Another thing, it has Hill Start Assist which is a modern technology to help the driver prevent rollback. It also has really nice colors such as Silver Metallic, White, and Black Metallic. Ford Motor Company is a successful company, and any successful company has a competitors. The competitors to Ford Motor Company are BMW, FIAT, KIA, Peugeot, Mercedes, Mini, and Honda. There are lots of competitors to
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