Explain The Term ' Safety Culture '

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4. Explain the term ‘ Safety Culture’
Safety culture has been described as the product of the values, attitude and behaviors of employees and employers in connection with workplace Safety. Since Human Resource Management and its related practices and policies attempt to influence and capture employee attitudes and values, ‘Safety Culture’ fits well with the orientation of this text. As such, ‘ Safety culture’ is an expression and product of management’s and employees attitude and values notwithstanding a range of concerns regarding the validity of the construct. NOPSEMA recommends the adoption of a common definition and model of safety culture across the industry, as a means of improving the rigour of safety culture improvement strategies and increasing their likelihood of success.
NOPSEMA defines safety culture as “the shared basic assumptions, held by most members of an organisation, which create and reinforce group norms of thoughts, language and behaviour in relation to major accident event prevention.”
Basic assumptions develop over time, as group members experience and solve internal and external challenges. When a problem is solved, and the solution worked well enough to be considered valid by the group members, this solution is then taught to new group members as the correct way to think, feel and act in relation to the problem. Over time, this correct way of thinking, feeling and acting becomes a basic assumption. It is no longer subject to challenge, and becomes an…

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