Explain What Are Some Environmental Factors That Impact The Epigenome

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Define Epigenetics  Epigenetics is the study of chemical reactions and factors that influence the reactions controlling growth and development of an organism to be activated or deactivated in specific locations of genome at specific times. ‘Lick your Rats’ interactive activity. 1. Explain how this is an example of epigenetics. The mother rats that nurture their pups they grow up to be calm adults, while the mother rats that neglect their pups they grow up to be anxious. The difference in behaviour is an example of epigenetics, because the nurturing behaviour of a mother rat during the first week of life shapes the pup’s epigenomes. These epigenetic patterns that the mother established remain even when the pups become adults. 2. Is an anxious mouse or a more relaxed mouse more likely to…show more content…
The epigenetic tags are erased from the chromosomes of the parents. However, there are some epigenetic tags remain on some genes known as imprinted genes. 3. What are some environmental factors that can impact the epigenome? The environmental factors that impact the epigenome are diet of the organism, involvement in physical activities and exposure to toxins and stress. 4. Summarize the main point of the video – If two twins have identical genomes, what makes them so different from one another? Twins are born with the same genome and epigenome but the environmental factors that they are exposed to bring a difference in their epigenome. As twins grow they experience different things and they make distinct life choices which can make twins so different from each other. The ‘Gene Control’ activity 1. What are two different ways that changes in the epigenome can lead to cancer? • The abnormalities in the epigenome such as lower level of methylation. Cancer cell DNA due to low methylation is highly active so it is more likely to be
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