Explain What Are Your Goals Related To Your Field Of Interest

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What are your goals related to your field of interest?

My main field of interest is to enter the medical field and assist patients who are struggling financially or are limited in medical care due to residing in rural areas. These goals are rooted in my passion for rural healthcare, since I matured in Nacogdoches, TX, which is home to many farmers and ranchers. Often it is difficult for this demographic to seek and receive adequate medical care. Therefore, one of my goals would be to be work in neighboring rural areas to provide accessible care. Furthermore, I am passionate to the plan of starting my own practice and managing my own patients. I would also enjoy growing my practice to involve many like-minded doctors, nurses, and physician assistants to provide care for this unique demographic and provide an accessible route of healthcare
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I spent two and half years learning the methods of neuroscience research involving, animal surgical procedures, experimentation, and data analysis. Furthermore, in the summer of 2015 I completed my own project studying the process of memory consolidation. Therefore, It has become my goal to further the scientific community through research. Contributing to the scientific community to improve the care of patients is a goal that I intend to accomplish. This ambition would allow me to provide enhanced care for patients indirectly.
Lastly my final goal is influenced by my travels. My family and I frequently traveled to India to visit my grandparents and other relatives. Along the way, I observed the poverty-stricken areas of our hometown, and I witnessed individuals suffering due to lack of basic care and hygiene. I vividly remember being with my grandparents and offering supplies to these individuals. These population had no one to turn to, and they were left to deteriorate. My final goal would be to establish clinics to assist this unique
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