Explain What Is Brabantio's Parting Warning To Othello

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6. What is Brabantio’s parting warning to Othello? What literary technique is this? Keep an eye on my daughter, because she had lied to me, and she may lie to you. Foreshadowing
7. What does Iago mean when he says to Roderigo repeatedly, “Put money in thy purse?” Iago is materialistic, so he orders Roderigo to pay and get as much money as he can. Since Roderigo is paying for information, this implies that Roderigo will be buying lots of information from Iago.
8. Explain Iago’s plan for revenge in detail.
Iago is going to trick Othello to believing that Cassio is in love with Desdemona. He chooses Cassio because he is a good looking man, and he is most likely guy that people would expect to be a seducer.
Act II: Scene 1
1. What happens
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