Explain What It Means To Be 18

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My 1 wish is to be 18 have a car. I can’t have one because I am 14 and I have to be 18. go to a mall. I have to be with someone go to girl party.I have to be 18 go to eat somewhere. I have to be 18 and with someone By a roof over my head. have to be older to do that. I can have a bed to sleep in. right now I have to share my bed with my cat. Work at vettack. I am 14 and I have to be 18. can work and by stuff. I can’t work and I like stuff. Won’t yell at my sis and mom I can leave her be. Because I get mad easy. I won’t get mad easy. Because I do get mad easy. wan’t be mean. Yell all the time. I won’t get blam one stuff allot I didn’t do. When I can home I am blamed one. I really like to be 18 because is looks fun you don’t yell or be mad well
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