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What does my language say about me?

I’ve never, in actual fact, sat down & thought to myself “Does the language I speak influence the way I think?” Growing up, I picked up innumerable different languages that weren’t very much helpful being the person I am in the moment. The language I speak most of the time is unsatisfactory, weak, and needs improvement. I often find myself becoming aggressive throughout the conversation with hopes of getting my point across, however, the only thing it does is make others look at me differently. I came to realize I have to be aware of weak language and eliminate and/or replace the words that have a negative impact on my professional image and reputation. Simple replacements can make a difference in how one’s message is perceived. I know by simply removing weak words from my daily vocabulary I could instantly change my language from weak to strong with little effort. Nevertheless, one day the language I speak may become very profound.
I admire individuals with knowledge, whom I can learn from and strengthen my own vocabulary. I interact with people as much as possible and tend to work hard to
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Therefore, learning new language changes the way an individual think because when you speak different one individual does indeed think differently. I, myself, have become slightly faster at memorizing information and associating other thing as well. In addition, reading play a fair part in being economically successful. It allows one to build up their vocabulary, become more informed, and learn things about the world around them. I remember I used to love reading books all the time until I grew older. Unfortunately, when I stopped educating myself, in a sense, I realized it took me much longer to complete and finish reading assignments. My grade went down which I wasn’t so pleased about; I felt less of person knowing my score wasn’t as good as the next
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