Explain What Microorganism Is Credited With The Accumulation Of Free Oxygen In The Oxygen

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Banded Iron Formation
1. Describe Earth’s early atmosphere.
The atmosphere was carbon dioxide with barle an oxygen. But as the Earth became colder, most of the water formed the oceans.
2. What microorganism is credited with the accumulation of free oxygen in the atmosphere?
3. Describe Earth’s early oceans.
Earth is a perfect distance from the sun so the temperature of the Earth is the right tempeture for water.
4. What is a BIF? How do BIFs form?
Oxygen combines with iron that was dissolved in the oceans to form ironoxides.
5. Why did it take so long for free oxygen to accumulate in the atmosphere and in the oceans?
The oxygen just kept getting dissolved by water.
6. Most BIFs precipitated between 2.5 and 2 billion years ago. What
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