Explain Why 7-10 Should Have At Least 30 Grams Of Free Sugar Essay

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Sugar comes from planta that are sugar canes are sugar beets. The sugar itself has carbonhyrate which is divided into 2 parts, fructose and glocose. In the u.s (united states of america) people consume over 28 kg of added sugar per year. At out age (11 and up including adults) we should have atleast 30 grams of free sugar and kids age 4-6 should have atleast 19g. Kids that are 7-10 should have a maximum of 24g of free sugar. Natural sugar is found in fruits and vegetables such as, blueberries, watermelons, carrots and cucumbers ect. But food made by us and fsctories contains lots of added sugar that we dint need in our daily diet. Sugar has no nutrition, ptotiens, minerals and fibre compare to natural sugar. Sugar is added to our food and drink
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