Explain Why Candy And Soda Should Be Banned From Schools

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In the article should candy and soda be banned from school, written by Tom Vilsack and J. Justin Wilson, they explain their theory on schools banning candy and soda. Although both articles were very convincing, I would say I agree with J. Justin Wilson and his theory that schools should not ban candy and soda. There are certain factors that led me to choosing his theory. For one, I believe that schools should not have the right to decide our ways of eating, because to me this seems like a personal decision. Also, banning these items in school will not make too much of a difference in the students eating choices. Another factor is that a student’s food type decisions can be affected by what they eat at home.
In continuation, schools should not be deciding our eating choices. Schools want to ban candy and soda because they think this is the cause of child obesity. Like stated in the article, although these food items are banned it does not mean students will stop eating them. The student can purchase these things outside of school whenever they like. If schools really want to make a change in students lives to be healthier they have to do something
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For this reason is why I think that parents also need to be taught about healthy eating so they can reflect this onto their child. If a parent is not educated about healthy eating then most likely their child won't be either. If schools want to make a change in a child healthy eating hey need to inform them about what choices to make. They should provide workshops about healthy eating that both student and parents can attend.
In conclusion, I stand by J. Justin Wilson's theory that candy and soda should not be banned from schools. If schools want to make a change in a student's eating choices they should not ban these items, but try to teach students what choices are best for
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