Explain Why Children Should Read Literature Books Before 1950

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Like all fields of human knowledge, literature plays an important function in the lives of people. Pre-modern children literature books is an example of literature which is traced to ancient story tellers. Early history of children's stories was primarily oral literature and consisted of folktales, folklores, poems and songs. This genre of children's literature has continued to evolve over time. This essay seeks to enumerate and elaborate on the following: why children should read literature books written before 1950. differences between pre-modern and contemporary children literature books. what are the recommended criteria for selection of children's books. Children literature books are texts written specifically for children. According to Nancy Anderson, professor at the college of education in South University of Florida, children's literature is not a comic or…show more content…
These twentieth and twenty-first century books had diversity, flip pages and was much more dynamic. The story of Snow White appeared in ways I cannot imagine. It was advanced, full of action and appealed to my senses. Selection criteria for children's literature A child must not read just any book it must be recommended otherwise the objective of reading will be defeated the book must be appealing to a child. Neglecting what is enjoyable has negative effects because it turns the child off reading altogether it must promote a healthy brain development and build self-confidence it must prevent aggressive behaviors and build closeness with parents and care-givers it should promote good mental health and age appropriate It must stimulate a child's natural interest It must not be too difficult and long childern's books must be multicultural and available online, full of humor and be nonsense to the
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