Explain Why Did Germany Lose Ww1

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The Great War ended in 1918, as the result, Britain won the war. From 1914 till 1918, the German army did achieve some success, however she finally lost the war. The war lasts longer than expected, and there were six different factors that can explain why did Germany lose WWI. The British blockade had strangled German industry; German U boat campaign brought US into the war; Battles of attrition to breakthrough stalemate; Russian revolution and the Hundred days Campaign, all eventually defeated Germany in WWI. First of all, the British blockade was a big factor that caused Germany’s defeat. British had been blockading German posts since 1914, it prevented Germany to get supplies. The British blockade strangled German industry, and reduced German trade from $5.9 million decreased to $0.8 million. Germany was forced to kill one-third of all pigs since there’s no fodder, and 300,000 deaths for lacking of nutrition. The naval blockade cut off imports and supplies of nitrates, which was an important resource for explosives for army(Effect 45). The lack of…show more content…
When British started to protect their war ships, German U-boat turned to attack Allied merchant ships and passenger ships. Allied improved tactics for dealing with U-boat by set up mines, depth charges and Q ships(During 44). By 1917, Allied built so many ships that German U-boat could not sink all. Later period of the sea war, Germany had no more resources to sustain the campaign and the war called off. It is noteworthy that over 100 American citizens were killed in the liner called Lusitania that defeated by German torpedoes(44). This casualty cause big tension between America and Germany. The U-boat campaign did caused shortage in Britain, but this also dragged US into the war to support Britain. Germans destroyed many American passenger ships, killed many American civilians, and hoped to ally with Mexico to against
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