Explain Why Do Teenagers Rebel Against Their Parents

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Why do teenagers rebel against their parents?
Most teenagers go through the similar phases, which are trying to attract attention, arguing, and taking risky decision, are normal actions. Three of my siblings are teenagers and hearing my mother complaining about their attitude has become a routine. The main problem is that many parents find difficulties in having a decent conversation with their children at this age. For instance, every time my mother talks to one of my siblings about a situation, it becomes an argument. Some people think that being moody, aggressive, rude, etc. at this age is the nature of one’s personality and it is not related to puberty. Others argue that the physical changes that’s happening to the teenager’s body …show more content…

Some teenagers never rebel, which makes some people say “Don’t blame it on hormones, raise your child well!”. Teenagers need independence and freedom, but it should be given to them with limits. Being an extra kind parent could result in your children going to jail.
Parents need to stop their children when they take it too far, because it could lead into destroying their future. Not all the teens are disrespectful and moody. Many teenagers did not experience any changes in their attitude when they went through puberty changes. However, others argue that rebelling is a normal result of the growth spurt in a teenager’s body. Each parents went through the same stage at some point of their life, and many of them used to do the same things they complain about their children doing now.

Adolescence is a transformation stage for the children. Plenty of changes happens to the teenagers’ body, which is normal in this stage of the person’s life. Adolescents rebellion is a common issue parents face while raising their children. Children start moving away from parents from the of age 13, struggling to find their own identity. The main reason for adolescent to

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