Explain Why I Want To Be A Future Health Care Provider

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Tolerance and diversity are important to me as a future health care provider because everyone should have equal access to excellent health care, irrespective of his or her race, social class, religion, sexual orientation, political viewpoints or other beliefs and opinions. We should all have the same rights and we deserve to be treated with equal respect.

When I was in elementary school, I spent a week in a rural Alaska Native village of less than 300 people. I went to school, played with Alaska Native children, and ate in their homes. The people and their language, food, and music were new to me, and opened my eyes to a culture and social class that was completely different from my own. The experience was thrilling. I enjoy meeting new people and welcome the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients. As a future health care provider, these experiences will make my job especially exciting and worthwhile.
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When I was in high school I volunteered for a program called “Very Special Arts.” I worked with children having the full range of special education needs to expose them to art. Many of the children had difficulty holding things, speaking, or understanding everything, but they were treated with equal respect and attention, regardless of their disability. The result was crystal clear. All the participants expressed their own appreciation of art through their enthusiasm and excitement. My volunteer experience taught me the importance of tolerance in working with people from many different backgrounds and having an array of special needs. I also experienced the joy of working with disabled children that have diverse
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