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I wish to be considered for the scholarship as an undergraduate student in Cameron University, majoring in English Language. As an international student, any form of financial encouragement would help me pursue my degree. Without the financial burden on my family, I would be able to focus on my studies and college life more than I am able to right now. The lack of financial anxiety would also help me focus on my writing as a creative writer. Furthermore, the scholarship would also rid my parents off the hassle to collect and transfer the huge amount of money that is required to pay my tuition, as 1 US Dollar is equal to 107.84 Nepalese Rupee (the standard Nepali currency). Along with a high GPA of 3.875 (including an A in my first major class of Intro to Literary Studies), there is a lot I can offer to the university. I could credit the University for providing me the required education…show more content…
The choice comes from my love for the creative work. Since my childhood days of bedtime stories, the empathetic act of story-telling and reading has always captivated my mind. Novels entertained me quite substantially, when compared to sports or video games that most of my peers were easily charmed by, during my younger years. I still forget the world when my mind aligns perfectly with different writers’ enthralling, creative narratives. I started writing poems and stories to impress girls to comply with my early teen state of sexual attraction, but the deed holds a deeper value in my life right now. Besides its entertainment factor, I have witnessed its therapeutic capabilities during my depression which held me captive for two years through personal misfortunes. Moreover, it provides a sense of broad and meaningful essence to my life. So I write because I get a will to live a rich and fulfilling life whenever I create a piece of poem or a short story, and this degree has helped elevate that feeling to new
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