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Why do you want to become a staff member?:As I've said earlier I wan't to become staff because I enjoy it, I love making friendships with other staff and also with players. Some friendships you make with staff are some really close and bond able friendships, You are always talking and asking each other for advice or help. It's something you can't get as well as if you are just a player. Also I want to become staff because I really want to rid the server of hackers. i can be opn the server 6/7 days a week normally for 6-8 hours. Sometimes less because I am on summer, but then again sometimes more, because I am on summer.I understand I wouldn't be able to play but I think being staff would be something I would really enjoy and to help me gain experience for the real world, This would be a bigger step for me but I think I could handle it. I think that being staff on here would give me experience for a real job and to give me people skills. I think another reason I want to be staff is because I am a dedicated person and I do everything to the best of my ability, I will be getting up to 6 hours per day, If not more, and I will be on atleast 6 days a week.

As I've said earlier in the
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I think that with my past staff experience I have learned the way people play, also with my playing experience. I know how serious people are when they play and I know they want help fast, and I will always try to help as fast as possible. I am willing to sit in ts and work support rooms for an hour, and honestly it would be my pleasure, because I love to help, I love to feel like I'm making a difference in someones life or emotions. I want everyone to be happy and having a great time at all
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