Explain Why I Want To Become A Pediatric Psychiatrist

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From the time I babbled my first words until the time I started preparing for college teachers, family members, and friends would always ask “what do you want to be when you grow up?” For me, my parents guided me in every way possible. They encouraged me to pursue difficult classes, regardless of other people’s expectation of my performance. They taught me to not be intimidated by something others call difficult; to utilize my potential, and not settle for mediocrity. They encouraged me to seek and enroll in summer programs in order to explore my options, and assisted me in eliminating ones are not interesting to me. Moreover, my dad has emphasized that the best way to live a fulfilling life is to have a career that I love. He has explained that I should not pursue the job that makes the greatest amount of money because anybody with a degree can be rich, and he has encouraged me to pursue something challenging and rewarding, and something that I take pleasure in. My parent’s unending support, encouragement, and advice helped me determine which career field to pursue becoming a pediatric psychiatrist, a doctor who specializes in children who have psychological issues.
While it is obviously not the easiest road to travel on, I have already begun my journey into entering the medical field. For example, I am enrolled in my school’s Healthcare
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As a black male, my demographic makes up approximately 2 percent of all psychiatrists, while black people make up 12% of the population. Black people are less likely than other ethnicities to seek help for mental problems, while these problems are more prevalent here than in every other ethnic groups. My goal is to help these people; to try to take the stigma out of a mental illness, and treat people – black, white, and every other race and ethnicity – who are struggling against their invisible

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