Explain Why Injury and Diabetes Have Been Identified as National Health Priority Areas

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Injury and diabetes are both considered to be priority health areas when considering Australia's overall health status. To improve Australia's health status, certain areas of health must be identified as priority areas as they contribute to a large number of deaths and/or illness within the Australian population. When determining the burden of injury and diabetes on Australia and its potential to be reduced, health authorities have to consider a number of factors, these factors include; prevalence of the condition, potential for prevention and early intervention, costs to the individual and to the community, priority population groups and social justice principles. Social Justice refers to the notion of eliminating inequity in health,…show more content…
By applying the principles of social justice in our identification of health priorities, we can determine the impact these principles have on reducing health inequities and improving the health of the nation. Priority population groups refer to the groups within the population that are significantly disadvantaged or are in more risk of illness or chronic disease. These groups are determined by the study of Epidemiology which is studied by observing the health and illness patterns as well as the associated factors dealing with the population. This gives us an accurate overview of who needs more attention within the population. It also gives us an insight in the apparent causes of illness and disease, distribution as well as the prevalence and incidence of the disease. Through epidemiology we have found that the population groups needing attention are; People living in Rural or Remote Areas, Overseas Born People, People with Disabilities, The Elderly, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander People (the Indigenous) and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged People (low SES). When looking at injury, there are two particular groups who tend to be at a higher risk. One being people living in rural and remote areas and the other being people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged. A large proportion of injury cases come from people living in rural or remote areas. This may be because of the jobs that usually come with

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