Explain Why It Is Important To Prepare For A Team Meeting

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Not only do Teaching Assistants support and work closely with teachers and other members of staff, they support students often having the opportunity to work closely with small groups and individuals building building relationships and getting a good insight into their needs within the learning environment. Therefore a TA can potentially offer very valuable contributions to discussions, decision-making and planning during team meetings.
In order to participate effectively it is important to prepare for a meeting in advance where ever possible. Knowing what is on the agenda for the meeting, being familiar with minutes from previous meetings (which should be received well in advance) and being confident with all issues you wish to raise is the
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Preparation may involve consulting with other staff members or pupils you work with in order to present their views effectively.
During the meeting, any contributions should be relevant, clear and concise. They could help to clarify issues and identify and assess solutions to the problem. Contributions and viewpoints of others should be acknowledged and discussed in a constructive manner and accurate and concise information about decisions made at the meeting should then begiven promptly to those who need it.
Effective communication is essential within team meetings and relies on a combinations of verbal skills, listening skills and being able to talk calmly and clearly. Communication is also a vital part of day to day school life with staff and pupils and will enable a teaching assistant to advocate effectively whether on behalf of themselves or others.
Confidence and assertiveness (not to be confused with aggression) are skills that will enable a TA to contribute more effectively, but these are skills that may be build over time, with experience and practice. Anyone involved in discussions, decision making and team meetings is required to comply with legislation, industry regulation, professional and organisational codes and to show fairness
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