Explain Why It Is Important for Marketers to Understand the Consumer Decision Making Process

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Consumers are the centre of many marketers work. While the consumer is part of the marketing environment, it is also very important to recognise and understand the more personal and specific influences effecting consumers and the nature of the decision making process they use. Research suggests that customers go through a five-stage decision-making process when making any purchase. This is summarised in the diagram below: Figure 1, This model is important for anyone making marketing decisions. It ensures the marketers consider the whole buying process rather than just the purchase decision. This model implies that customers go through all stages in every purchase they make. However, in more routine purchases, such as cleaning…show more content…
The challenge for the marketing team is to identify which information sources are most influential in their target markets. There are many factors that have an effect on buyer behaviour, Cultural factors have a significant impact on customer behaviour. Culture is the most basic cause of a person’s wants and behaviour. Growing up, children learn basic values, perception and wants from the family and other important groups. Marketing are always trying to spot “cultural shifts” which might point to new products that might be wanted by customers or to increased demand. For example, the cultural shift towards greater concern about health and fitness has created opportunities (and now industries) servicing customers who wish to buy: • Low calorie foods • Health club memberships • Exercise equipment • Activity or health-related holidays etc. Similarly the increased desire for “leisure time” has resulted in increased demand for convenience products and services such as microwave ovens, ready meals and direct marketing service businesses such as telephone banking and insurance. A customer’s buying behaviour is also influenced by social factors, such as the groups to which the customer belongs and social status. In a group, several individuals may interact to influence the purchase decision. The typical roles in such a group decision can be summarised as follows: Initiator The
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