Explain Why Some Countries Are Better Than Others Essay

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I believe some countries are better than others because of their ability to locate scarce resources. By locating and manipulating scarce resources in an effective way, countries can raise capital which leads to increases in technology. The United States is arguably the most advanced country. Whether or not they have debt, everyone else wants to live the “American Dream”. Like it or not, the US might not be where it is today without the slave trade. By providing Europe with goods such as tobacco and cotton, the US was able to raise a lot of capital. In short, they were able to import (slaves) less than they exported, in goods. As capital increased, technology did too, leading to the industrial revolution. Eli Whitney’s cotton gin was the start of it all. By being able to have machines do manual labor this allowed individuals to focus on intellectual ideas and other technological advances. Similar to today, the cotton gin could not have been successful if there was not enough money to produce them. That is a hold up in today’s technology as well. While the technology in, let’s say Iron Man, might be…show more content…
It is interesting to think how the United States got out of the control of Great Britain to become the greatest country in the world. Other countries have tried to rebel against their leaders, however, I do no think they have been as effective as the United States. One possible reason this could be is because most of these people were educated prior to coming to the United States. They had come from previously developed countries and had an idea of how what was good about government and what was bad. Little countries in Africa have no idea what is like to live in a developed country with an effective government. So while it is hard enough to find an adequate leader, educating everyone in the country to what needs to happen to be a developed country is probably a near impossible task in it
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