Explain Why Someone I Want To Introduce Aeromicz

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The person I would like to introduce is Arianna Chomicz. The hospital Arianna was born in was Hackensack hospital on September 9 2003 and she 12 years old. She has two baby brother and is living with her mom. She is part of polish, spanish, and little bit of jamaican. Over the summer when Arianna used to visit her grandma in Guatemala. Ariannas grandma owns a hotel and keeps animals in her farm. Later on, her grandma moved to Pennsylvania then to New jersey but she sometimes goes over to her home land to visit her hotel,friends, and family. Arianna has been been to Guatemala and Florida. Arianna is close to her family and loves to spend time with her friends and family.

Arianna has a lot of favorite things to do or have. For example,
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