Explain Why The Catcher In The Rye Should Not Be Banned

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The Catcher in the Rye
The Catcher in the Rye has always been a book of controversy. Schools have banned it due to its vivid description of how a teeneger observes the world. Holden who is The protagonist’s sees the world as very morbid place for young people. Many people believe the book brings up controversial topics that should not be discussed among minors such as Holden Caulfield. Most of the topics expressed in the book could be acceptable in today's society but it caused many concerns and issues around the time it was released, 1951. In my opinion however this book has one of the greatest qualities in literature and thats relating to the reader. It should not be banned because adolescents have been able to identify with Holden’s
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He was the youngest in his family with his parents having a thriving import business. Despite his apparent intellect Salinger flunked out of school, his parents ent him to Valley Forge Military Academy. After graduating from Valley Forge his father encouraged him to head to Europe to learn another language and learn the art of the import business. Upon returning home Salinger mad another attempt at college at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and taking night classes at Columbia University. There Salinger met Professor Whit Burnett who also happened to be the editor of Story magazine. Burnett sensed Salinger's talent for writing and pushed him to use his creativity to the very limit. His work was finally gaining attention until WWII following the attack on pearl harbor he was drafted into the military serving from 1942-’44. During his time in the military Salinger continued to write, assembling chapters for his new novel who contained a very complicated teenager afraid to grow up. After the war Salinger was checked into a hospital for trauma and suffering a nervous breakdown. Not many people are sure what happened around that time but soon after he married a woman named Sylvia their time together was short only eight months. He married again in 1995 with Claire Douglas they had two children together, Margaret and
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