Explain Why The Formation Of Panama Isthmus

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Introduction The earth has been through a lot of changes throughout time. It used to be thought that the continents were locked in their positions and couldn’t move, but in 1915 Alfred Wagner came up with a theory about continental drift (Tarbuck and Lutgens, 2015). While unsure of the process that happened at the time, Wagner also came up with the idea that all the continents in existence today were once all connected as one giant continent known as Pangea. This idea is supported by the findings of similar rocks or fossils in multiple locations separated by large water bodies. Thanks to more tools and funding, the oceanic ridge system was found and by 1968, the theory of plate tectonics was introduced (Tarbuck and Lutgens, 2015). This theory…show more content…
Tectonic plates never stop moving and continue to change the surface of the earth in present day. The movement of tectonic plates is the main reason for the formation of the Panama Isthmus with an arc of islands that eventually connected to create a link between North and South America. With the Panama Isthmus came many changes to the world. Animals were introduced to new areas. Fossil records help scientists understand what animals made their way across the land bridge into both Americas. The closing of the link between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans altered the environment and climate of the world. The world today would be very different if the isthmus had not formed; with tectonic plates in constant motion, the world will continue to change and be completely different in the future than it is today. All the articles contained a lot of information and were interesting. But, the most enjoyable one for me to read was “How the Isthmus of Panama Changed the World” by Tony Coates. While I enjoyed the information that was provided by the author, I believe that the format of the article made it the most interesting for me. The question and answer type of article chunked related information better and allowed me to stay focused on the information better than a typical paragraph style. The article by Coates was my favorite, but I found all of the articles full of information and fairly interesting to
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