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Amanda Jordan October 16, 2015 ELED 162 Geography and World History Midterm Paper Three Reasons Why the World Developed so Unevenly Jared Diamond does a great job outlining the different reasons as to why the world developed so unevenly in Guns, Germs, and Steel. These many reasons can be narrowed down into three main components. The world developed so unevenly because of different climates, the many forms of food production, and the domestications of animals. This paper will cover these main topics and argue why they are important when explaining why the world developed so unevenly. Climate, the weather conditions in an area, had a huge impact on how the world developed. People migrated to the areas where they could hunt, grow crops, and…show more content…
Domestication came first with seed crops, which were easy to grow and store. In chapter nine, Diamond (1999, 1997) outlined the Anna Karenina Principle, which explained that successful domesticated animal species are all alike in that all requirements must be satisfied. Some of these requirements are omnivore or herbivore, rapid growth, breed well in captivity, suitable disposition, accepts penning, etc. In order to achieve all these requirements, it would have to be in an appropriate climate for the animal, have proper food production, which goes back to the case of why the world was developed so unevenly. Each animal have their own form of needs and not all areas are suitable for these animals to be domesticated. Diamond (1999, 1997) even explains in chapter ten that the lack of adaptation of domesticates to these widely ranging climates and other differences were a major factor in slowing diffusion in the New World. Climate can come into play with the domestication of animals because while some animals might be domesticated in one area, many other animals could not be domesticated in the same area. An example of this was one discussed in class, that animals that can only survive in the desert, would never be able to survive in South
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