Explain Why We Should Be Involved In Helping People From Other Countries

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Some may think that our country should not be involved in helping people from other countries but we have to do what is right. As a democracy, we believe that all people should have the same rights, whether they’re from our country or not. Nobody should be left to die with no job, no home, and no money. Therefore, I have decided that we will continue foreign aid.

As we are going to work to pay our bills or going to school to get our education, there are people in different countries struggling to even find food for their family. Some kids are left to survive without their parents. According to the Lost Boys video, “They waited and hoped that things would eventually get better” I strongly believe that we need to help these people recover from everything that they have gone through.
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We can help other countries to a stable position where they are making their own money, eventually we will be able to set up trades and receive things in return. We will set a certain date that we will require to be paid back for the help we have provided.

Most people in those countries don’t even have enough clothes. According to the Lost Boys videos, they needed donated clothes. People everyday are dying from starvation and diseases. They don’t have the medication they need to survive diseases. We need to help this problem before more and more people are dying. If we don’t do something, the diseases will keep spreading so more and more people will be dying. More and more people will be starving as well.

If we are in a stable position in our country, helping other countries become stable won’t hurt. It will eventually help us in the future because we will be setting up trades. In conclusion, we will continue to help other countries. Some may disagree, but I strongly believe that this is the right thing to do so it will be
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