Explain Why William Became Involved in Wales in the Years 1066 to 1087 (12)

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June 2010 optional question 3 Explain why William became involved in Wales in the years 1066 to 1087 (12) Plan * Wanted to assert his authority over them * Had to keep Wales at bay because the border kept shifting * Rebels that went against William went to Wales for safety The main reason that William became involved in Wales shortly after he had taken England was because he would have seen the Welsh as a threat. Along with many other countries, they would have known that the situation in England was unstable and William may have thought Wales were planning an invasion. To assert his authority over Wales, he led a campaign into their country in 1066 and an even larger one in 1081 for the sole purpose of asserting his…show more content…
Also, Scotland could provide refuge for anyone that had rebelled against William (including Edgar) which would have furthered the tensions. The disputes of land had also caused problems for William. Lands such as Cumbria and Northumbria were disputed between Malcolm and William. This became worrying for William because parts of his kingdom were being threatened to be taken from him which would give Malcolm more land and support against William. However, the threat of Scotland was not as substantial as some historians make it out to be. In 1072, William marched through Scotland with relative ease. Although Williams army was “fearfully exposed” according to Purser, the Scottish did not capitalize on this opportunity. This could be interpreted as Malcolm showing he did not want to fight against William. This point links into the treaty of Abernethy. In the same year Malcolm met William at abernethy and signed a treaty which shown that he recognised William as his superior. According to purser, in “good faith”, Malcolm kicked Edgar out of his court which would have made further rebellions in the north very difficult. Overall, Scotland was initially a threat around the time of the Northern rebellion however the treaty of Abernathy played a main factor in extinguishing the threat of the

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