Explain about different types of social work theory.

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The Psychosocial Approach

The psychosocial approach helps us to develop a healthy questioning of the obvious. An open mind, imagination and knowledge of personality functioning, human behaviour and emotional suffering are inherent in the ideas; they assist in reaching;differential diagnoses and treatment plans. This is another way of saying that clients interact with their environments in unique ways and if we are to give service which is accurately targeted then, when appropriate, we have to comprehend underlying feelings and motives which can block people from making optimum use of such help. Freudian psychoanalytic ideas, particularly personality theory, began to feed into what became known as psychodynamic casework.
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The therapeutic community movement has always nurtured its own traditions of theory and practice and its principles have become widely disseminated in psychiatric day centre work and some in-patient settings.

In the UK, with the advent of policies of care in the community for people who had previously often been consigned to institutions, the need arose for a theory and practice of psychosocial care applied to community networks and support systems. Overall, psychosocial perspectives have developed increasing importance for social work and other professional groups where multidisciplinary primary care has become widespread in developed welfare states and where the main challenge now stems from managerialist tendencies in welfare rather than radical political critiques.

Systems Theory

The core of systems theory comes from biology and engineering, and has been translated into social work practice by the identification of social systems as open systems. The significance of this is that:

all parts of the system are connected and what happens in one part of the system will have an effect on all other parts of the system;

the system needs to keeping a steady state and will always adjust itself or adapt to try to maintain that steady state; and

there is a feedback loop within the system, which provides the capacity for change.

A systems approach allows for an
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