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1.2 Explain how to support effective communication within your own job role.
Communication is constantly happening within the day care centre and in my job role I have a responsibility to communicate with staff, service users and other professionals. I use various forms of communication but I also seek to make sure that it is understood. Communication has got to be understood before it can be effective and so I try to ensure comprehension when I am verbally speaking by getting staff to repeat what I have asked them to do. I also write simply worded memos and emails to ensure ease of comprehension. When communicating with other professionals I speak clearly and seek affirmation when organising meetings or planning events. I also
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I have requested that service users wear their glasses to aid with communication. I have adapted general approach to service users to compensate for blindness.
No Speech/Speech Impediments Some of our service users have poor speech or no speech at all. With these service users an alternative form of communication is required or an ability to listen intently and comprehend what they are saying. Picture/objects of reference.

A jotter and pen to spell difficult words. For some of our service users I have drawn together objects and photographs of reference and each one acts as a word of vocabulary and provides an ability to communicate effectively.
For one of my service users I have encouraged him to spell out difficult words to understand.
Comprehension Some of our service users have profound learning disabilities and their level of comprehension and understanding is very limited, however they communicate constantly. Alternative methods could be sought. One individual has been taught to “eye-point” at what she wants. Another gets quite restless and verbal when he is upset and smiles and giggles when happy. Staff have been informed of how this service user communicates.
Time Another challenge to effective communication in the day care centre is time. We are all busy and we don’t always have the time to listen and to communicate the way we should. Better time management.

Managing our workload allows us to take time with our service users.
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