•Explain the Difference(S) Among the Many Gang Organizations.

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Gangs started earlier than people may think. They consist of robbers, gamblers and vandalism along with the names that were foreign and goofy. Their identity can be from culture, religion even race. Irish opened up cheap corner stores to cover their illegal activities. Some people join gangs because their families, friends or some are even threaten to join. Researchers found that some members only stay for at least a year or less.

A gang is a group of people that shares a purpose or an identity. The shared identity can be based on culture, class, religion or even ethnicity (Delaney, 2006). Gangs have been around for hundreds of years. They go back as far as
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There are four elements that constitute social disorganization; 1. Low economic status 2. A mixture of different ethnic group. 3. Highly mobile residents moving in and out of the area. 4. Disrupted families and broken homes. (Delaney, 2006) Joining a gang to some youth are very exciting (in their mind) the new recruit must be “jumped” in. Meaning they will have to fight one or more gang member to be accepted. Or they may want them to do a criminal act before they can get in. They feel as though they (the gang) can give them what they are lacking at home, from protection to security. Youth, mainly boys between the ages of 12 and 24, maybe from broken homes with no stability, lack of kids needs (food, clothing, and shelter). The absent of a male role model in the home, some feel rejected by family as well as neglected. So they seek the attention elsewhere. Most join gangs to feel wanted, secure. If the family characteristics of little communication, set rules, punishment and other parental duties were taken serious, their youth will less likely to join a gang. Gang members may only associate with the ones who will accept them in behaviors, value and goals. Children that are not supervised are higher in their adolescence years to seek social interest in their peers that seems to have more fun in a gang. This turns out to be not so much fun when they do criminal activities. (.nationalgangcenter) Parents and teachers do
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